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Conceptual skills in management pdf

Do you have all the required managerial skills to manage your own company? Can you be a real manager with all the skills necessary for you and your company? Business owners are entrepreneurs until they become managers. When they become managers, they will felt frustrated because then they will need to deal with new problems, managerial problems.

Management is not a simple task. It needs knowledge and experience. Because of that, there is the existence of hierarchy, organizational structure, and possibilities for each organizational member with adequate knowledge, experience, and skills to move from the bottom to the middle and top level of the managerial pyramid.

I have already written about entrepreneurial skills, and you can read more in ten smart skills all entrepreneurs need now. This knowledge and ability can be learned and practiced. However, they also can be acquired through practical implementation of required activities and tasks. Therefore, you can develop each skill through learning and practical experience as a manager. There are many definitions of skills that talk about talent. Talent is something personal related to an individual and shows a natural gift from nature about something inside that talented person.

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All persons cannot be artists. Usually, artists are born with the gift of art, but despite their talent, they continue to develop their talent to improve their art skills. This is the best solution because he has excellent technical skills related to the sales department. Technical skills are most important for first-level managers. As we go through a hierarchy from the bottom to higher levels, the technical skills lose their importance. Conceptual skills present knowledge or ability of a manager for more abstract thinking.

That means he can easily see the whole through analysis and diagnosis of different states. So, they will make decisions that will satisfy overall business goals. Conceptual skills are vital for top managers, less critical for mid-level managers, and not required for first-level managers. As we go from the bottom of the managerial hierarchy to the top, the importance of these skills will rise.

One of the most critical management tasks is to work with people. Without people, there will not be a need for the existence of management and managers.

Simply, they are the essential skills for managers. These are the three necessary skills required for successful management as a process. Some authors also mention other skills related to management skills. Managers are controlling their employees through their interpersonal managerial skills that we already described. Other additional skills that I find in theory are decision-making skills.

Again, decision making is a process and not the skill. When we have conceptual skills, we will make a better decision. Furthermore, when we have technical skills, we will make a better technical decision. In the end, I want to note something about managerial skills and business potential energy. So, these three types of skills are in the category of business elements that can increase your business potential energy.

conceptual skills in management pdf

Dragan Sutevski is a founder and CEO of Sutevski Consulting, creating business excellence through innovative thinking. Get more from Dragan on Twitter. Contact Dragan. We respect your privacy and take protecting it very seriously.The use of conceptual skills in the field of management cannot be stressed enough.

In the article below, let us take a glimpse at what these skills are and how they can be used. What goes into making a good manager? Leadership skills, the ability to think straight under pressure, and the trait of being able to come up with quick and practical solutions to problems. Apart from these, one also needs excellent communication skills and a certain level of technical skills too, in order to be a good manager.

Would you like to write for us? Well, we're looking for good writers who want to spread the word. Get in touch with us and we'll talk However, among the list of management skills, there lies one particular group of skills that not all can master.

It takes time and a deep understanding of the principles of business and human resource management to develop them.

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They are conceptual skills in management. To know more about these skills, read ahead. Conceptual skills are probably some of the most important management skills. There are some very basic principles behind conceptual skills. The inputs by people who are hired especially for their exceptional conceptual skills often influence the decision-making process in an organization, be it about something like a change in the employees dress code to something as big as a revamped advertising campaign for a product.

Some functions of these skills are mentioned below. They might help you understand it better.

Management Skills

It is a cognitive skill that requires the person to have a deep understanding of what has to be studied, what can be ignored and how to ascertain how much importance should be given to which concept.

It also relates to how to use the inter-relation between the various aspects of the matter and come up with a concept or an idea to make it better. It is an integral part of how business management actually goes about. A conceptual person can combine problem solving with the practice of conceptualizing a practical issue. For instance, if there is group of people who are opposing the construction of a bridge near their houses, the person will go deeper into the problem, find out why it is so, how to convince them without offering them just money, get them to understand how the bridge will in no way harm the peace and harmony of their homes, and finally get them to agree to the construction.

Managerial Skills – 3 Types of Skills Each Manager Will Need

A conceptual person will not look at the organization as a part of the industry. Using this skill, he will look at it as a whole. The main focus will be on how to study, analyze, and develop new strategies that will enable the smooth and better functioning of the organization as a whole.

He may compartmentalize each section within the organization and come up with various concepts to help them individually, but the overall progress of the whole organization is the ultimate goal.However, conceptual skills are useful in almost every position. Even when you have a particular list of duties, it is always helpful to know how your part fits into the broader goals of your organization. It also includes sublists of related skills that employers tend to seek in job applicants.

You can use these skills lists throughout your job search process. Managers have to look at how all the departments are working together, spot any particular issues, and then decide what steps need to be taken.

Someone with conceptual skills can explain a problem and offer solutions. He or she can speak effectively to people at all levels in the organization, from upper management to employees within a specific department. They have to listen to the needs of the employers before devising a plan of action. They must be able to devise creative solutions to abstract problems.

She needs to convince employees and employers to follow her vision for the company. She needs to inspire others to trust and follow her, and that takes strong leadership. Once an employee analyzes a situation and identifies a problem, he or she then has to decide how to solve that problem.

People with conceptual skills are good at solving problems and making strong, swift decisions that will yield results. Keep these top skills in mind during your interview, and be prepared to give examples of how you've used each one.

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Conceptual Skills: Definition and 20+ Examples

Abstract thinking Creative thinking Examining complex issues Formulating ideas Formulating processes Innovation Intuitive thinking Openmindedness Organization. Able to ignore extraneous information Broad thinking Critical thinking Breaking down a project into manageable pieces Decision making Executing solutions Formulating effective courses of action Logical thinking Multitasking Prioritization Resolving industry problems.

Article Table of Contents Skip to section Expand. What Are Conceptual Skills? Types of Conceptual Skills. Creative Thinking. Problem Solving. Continue Reading.To browse Academia.

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Ogechi Ogbonna. Hence, the report agrees with Katz Skills Theory, published in by Harvard Business Reviewthat managers need certain skills to perform the duties and activities associated with being a manager. Such skills, it is believed, allow them to act as a leader in specific situations they come across.

Burkus writes that the skills theory grew from the obvious flaw in the trait approach; traits are relatively fixed. This meant that trait theory was not particularly useful for developing new leaders who lack those traits.

Skills theorists sought to discover the skills and abilities that made leaders effective. Similar to trait theory, skills theories are leader-centric, focused on what characteristics about leaders make them effective. He argued that effective leadership required three skills, namely, conceptual, human and technical skills.

Conceptual skill refers to the ability to work with broad concepts and ideas involves an understanding of how the different components of the business are related to each other and to the business as a whole. Northouse says that conceptual skills enable a manager work easily with abstraction and hypothetical notions and they are central to creating and articulating a vision and strategic plan for an organization, hence, these skills are most important at top level management Human skills refer to being able to work with people involves the ability to understand oneself, work with others, to understand and to motivate others.

These skills are equally important to all levels of management. Technical skill refers to proficiency in a specific activity or type of work involves the ability to use the tools, procedure, and specialized knowledge and techniques of one's field. These skills are more important at lower levels of management especially supervisory because they are dealing directly with employees doing the organization's work.

Whereas all the skills are important to every level of management, managers at different levels may need to be more proficient at some skills than others. Hence, the three-skill approach stated that, while all skills were important for leaders, their level of importance varies depending on the organizational level of leaders. Therefore, as leaders move through the levels of the organization from lower to upperskill importance moves from technical, to human, and then, to conceptual.

However, it has also been proved that human skills i. Individual Attributes include: a.

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Crystallized Cognitive Ability intellectual ability learned or acquired over time. Motivation three aspects of motivation are willingness, dominance and social good. Personality any characteristic that helps people cope with complex organizational situations is probably related to leader performance. Leadership Outcomes are made up of problem solving and performance criteria for measuring this skill includes originality and quality of solutions to problem situations: good problem solving involves creating solutions that are logical, effective, unique, go beyond given information.

Career Experiences are made up of experiences gained during career. Leaders learn and develop higher levels of conceptual capacity if they progressively confront more complex and long-term problems as they ascend the organizational hierarchy.This site uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

To learn more visit our Privacy Policy. Or some non-existent digits on your computer screen can buy you a house? This is only possible because someone came up with the concept of money—and this concept was so appealing and handy that it turned into a social contract spanning the entire humanity. Want to save time and have your resume ready in 5 minutes? Try our resume builder.

Sample resume made with our builder— See more templates and create your resume here. Conceptual skills allow you to visualize abstract concepts, see relations between them, and draw constructive conclusions.

Conceptual skills help managers see ways in which the entire organization works as one to achieve its goals. Thanks to strong conceptual skills, managers can work with abstract ideas and concepts in creative ways. Highly-developed conceptual skills enable top-tier managers to comprehend the relations between different departments and link them to the functioning of the entire company.

Sometimes the business goals of those units may be mutually exclusive think of production and marketing departments, for example and yet the whole company has one mission and vision. A crucial management task is to push the entire company in the same direction regardless of individual goals. A company will only grow if its top management sees the big picture, all its connotations, and implications.

The idea of conceptual skills dates back to when psychologist Robert Katz named three basic managerial skills: technical, human, and conceptual. Want to learn more about listing all kinds of skills on a resume? Conceptual skills consist of several interrelated abilities.

You must be able to think rationally and approach issues critically.

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Critical thinking skills are crucial to finding optimal solutions. Making the right decision may be a hard nut to crack. Creative thinking skills are necessary for you to imagine all the angles from which to look at the issue at hand.

This is why communication skills are such an important part of conceptual thinking. If you wish to see your concepts made flesh, you will need to collaborate with others. And good interpersonal skills will help you a lot. It would seem that strongly developed interpersonal and communication skills are what differentiates great leaders from managers. Spell check? Start building your resume here.A good manager has all the skills and can implement those skills for running the organization properly.

conceptual skills in management pdf

The roles that a manager plays in the organization require having some skills. These are the skills or qualities that an organization looks for in a person to assign him as a manager.

Conceptual Skill. Interpersonal and Communication Skills. Decision-Making Skill. Diagnostic and Analytical Skills. Technical Skill Technical skill is knowledge of and proficiency in activities involving methods, processes, and procedures. Thus it involves working with tools and specific techniques.

conceptual skills in management pdf

Technical skill is the ability to use the specialized knowledge, procedures, and techniques of a field of activities. Related: 3 Management Levels in Organizational Hierarchy Accountants, engineers, surgeons all have their technical skills necessary for their respective professions. Most managers, especially at the lower and middle levels, need technical skills for effective task performance. For example, mechanics work with tools, and their supervisors should have the ability to teach them how to use these tools.

Similarly, accountants apply specific techniques in doing their job. It requires having the ability to visualize the enterprise as a whole, to envision all the functions involved in a given situation or circumstance, to understand how its parts depend on one another and anticipate how a change in any of its parts will affect the whole.

Interpersonal and Communication Skills Communication skill for a manager is a must. The manager must be able to convey ideas and information to others and receive information and ideas from others effectively. A manager requires having an effective Interpersonal and communication skill to keep the responsibilities given to him.

Decision making skill is the skill that makes a manager able to recognize opportunities and threat and then select an appropriate course of action to tackle them efficiently so that the organization can benefit them.

But a good manager most often makes a good decision and learns from the bad ones. Decision making is a skill that improves as managers gain more experience. Training or educating is also a good method to develop the Decision making the skill of a manager. Diagnostic skill refers to the ability to visualize the best response to a situation. Analytical skill means, the ability to identify the key variables in a situation.

Manager diagnostic skill and Analytical skill helps him to identify possible approaches to a situation. After that is also helps a manager to visualize the result or outcomes of these approaches.

This skill sounds similar to the decision making skill, but it is the skill required to make the decision. How Managerial Skills are Interrelated These are the skills an ideal manager must-have. If you look close enough, we will find the skill are inter-related and irreplaceable.

A manager is appointed for making a decision. So, to make the decision he or she needs to identify a situation which could be opportunities or threat. Conceptual knowledge is essential for this as it helps the manager has a complete understanding of the organization. A manager cannot decide without diagnosing and analyzing. Diagnosing and analyzing the situation is required to tackle a situation and for this needs information and resources.Since 1995, over 7000, mostly full-time working students have received seasoned help with many of the services listed above.

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