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Average iq of india

Hong Kong: 2. South Korea: 3.

Countries by IQ - Average IQ by Country 2020

Japan: 4. Taiwan: 5.

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Singapore: 6. Austria: 7. Germany: 8. Italy: 9. Netherlands: Sweden: Switzerland: Belgium: China: New Zealand: United Kingdom: Hungary: 99 Poland: 99 Spain: 99 Australia: 98 Denmark: Equatorial Guinea: 59 2. Ethiopia: 63 3. Sierra Leone: 64 4. Democratic Republic of the Congo: 65 5. Zimbabwe: An explanation presented by philosopher James Flynn on why modern day Americans have a higher IQ than those in Massachusetts: New Hampshire: I am in strong favor of the idea that there are IQ differences between castes, of course we need some studies.

In every society there are castes, classes, based on intrinsic abilities and intelligence. Nobody would accept a priest which cannot even understand basic religious subjects.

High IQ Teen Kashmea Wahi

Religion at that time was like philosophy which requires a high intelligence, and the smartest people were probably brahmins. The smartest jews are also from rabbi families my belief. The priests were like scientists, philosophers of their times. Nowadays, the picture is different, as the religions lost their smartest kids mostly to hardcore sciences.

My private real numbers are a lot higher, but I wont stir up a controversyuntil we reach a consensus on average Indian iQ. The U. Since the U. I could be completely wrong about that, but my belief is based upon research. If you agree with the New York Times article about some ethnic IQ differences being potentially geneticyou should know that Indians are not exactly one ethnic group.

According to Richard Lynn Australian aboriginals have an IQ of 62 but in my opinion this is greatly depressed by sub-optimum nutrition. September 29, at pm. However, gypsies, relative to dalits, probably gained couple of points on the way to europe mixing a bit, reaching But as you said, Australian aboriginals have also 62, it should be higher than that? September 30, at pm. Very interesting.

The income distribution of various ethnicities likely mirrors their IQ distribution to a large degree…literacy distributions would probably work even better though. As for gypsies, I think they were likely self-selected for low IQ analogous to how Ashkenazis were self-selected for high IQ.

average iq of india

One thing that is definitely holding Muslims back economically compared to Hindus is their higher fertility. It is similar to Jews having a high birthrate in the last decades of the 19th Century. Shaun said:. October 7, at am. You seem to be forgetting the cultural aspect. Language plays a large part, check languages derived from grammar. Also, look into ashkenazi culture and their focus on literacy Dave Rubin of the Rubin Report talked about it once.Like other people, you must have heard about Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking and few other scientists that they are known to be among some of the most intelligent people who ever lived.

And like everyone you also wonder how! How are they considered as intelligent? How is intelligence measured? Intelligence is defined as the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. In order to know, how intelligence is calculated, we must know the criteria on the basis of which intelligence of a person is defined. There are parameters to find it out. Therefore, we must calculate the IQ level of each person which is a standard method of comparing the ability to think and reason with the majority of people of the same age group.

This is defined as the total score which is evaluated after conducting several standardised tests designed to measure human intelligence. Alfred Binet, who was a French psychologist, conducted the first IQ test in the early s.

Chronological age means your actual biological age i. The output result is the IQ of the person.

average iq of india

The person with IQ level less than 90 is categorised as feeble-minded or dull. The person with IQ score between 90 and is on the list of people with below average IQs. The IQ score of obtained by any person is considered as an average IQ score. The IQ score more than is considered as a remark of high intelligence.

Highest IQ in the world and in India

Extreme intelligence is associated with IQ score of or more. You will be surprised to know that the IQ level of the great genius scientist Albert Einstein was in the range ofand the IQ level of Stephen Hawking was in the range ofamazing, right. Now, you must be thinking what is the highest IQ score possible?

Is there anyone who has the highest IQ in the world? Is there anyone who has a world record of highest IQ? And the other people who hold the world record are:.If this is your first time registering, please check your inbox for more information about the benefits of your Forbes account and what you can do next!

Collectively, we humans are a pretty clever bunch. Yep, all clever stuff. Which begs the question sort ofof which is the cleverest nation in the world? Tokyo is Japan's capital and a hotbed of intellect, innovation and education. It's also one of the Which people have contributed the most to our advancement as a species? Which does best at school, and which has the highest IQ. All important contributing factors when deciding where to visit next, no doubt. Despite topping two of the three ranking categories, Singapore only makes 25th on the list.

Asia and Europe dominate the list, with Japan taking the top spot thanks to its high placing across all three metrics where it came fifth overall in the school test ranking and sixth overall in both Nobel prizes and current IQ. The US comes in an impressive fourth, although its ranking is flattered greatly by its extraordinary dominance in the Nobel category where at prizes, it has nearly treble the UK in second place.

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However, in the current IQ the US comes a lowly 28th and school ranking a middling 13th — neither of which bodes well for its future ranking. Coming in at 25th on the ranking is Singapore — its position greatly skewed by its lowly ranking of 73rd for Nobel prizes when it ranks first in both current IQ and education attainment.

See you at the top soon then, Singapore! The top 25 countries by Nobel Prize are, unsurprisingly, dominated by the Western world — what with it being a Western institution and all.

Go Asia! No huge surprise given the IQ rankings, but Asia takes the top five spots for pupils achieving an advanced score at school. Russia takes the best of the rest medal in sixth spot while the US comes in at 13th. British born, living in Germany, but happiest heading for the horizon. Please help us continue to provide you with free, quality journalism by turning off your ad blocker on our site. Thank you for signing in.

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We will never share your email address with third parties without your permission. This is a BETA experience. Edit Story. Jan 11,am EST. Today In: Lifestyle. Japan goes straight to the top of the class.

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Duncan Madden. All Rights Reserved.A few years ago, while writing Breaking Free of Nehru, I had come across data that showed that Indians had a particularly low average IQ of around Also, other methodlogical issues. But I do think there is something "indicative" or useful in these tests. Based on this I wrote in BFN :. Despite the methodological issues that the underlying data may raise, I have little doubt that this IQ difference is real I would be pleased to be proven that this is an error.

I thought that's a given. No one has questioned the data since when my book was published. Tens of thousands of copies have been downloaded, and most people on FTI claim to have read it. Well, for Shantanu and many others who might not have come across this what I assumed was widely known information, I've quickly reviewed the literature again and here are my results:. IQ and the Wealth of Nations by Dr. Richard Lynn and Dr. Tatu Vanhanen. A further article notes: "In the detailed data for South Asians, there is a distinct smaller cluster between 90 andand another bigger cluster between 80 and 90, closer to But then there are a bunch of scores that go as low as 75 which bring down the average to On the I.

I do not see "Dalit" IQs being "stagnant" or low in the future with greater liberty and dissolution of the caste system. I recall having read a major list of Indian IQ studies that spanned decades.

average iq of india

Let me list whatever I can find now:. Fitzgerald, J. Journal of Comparative Psychology, 6, Sinha, U. Indian Educational Review, 3, Kamat, V. Bombay, Oxford University Press. Zajonc India shining and Bharat drowning: comparing two Indian states to the worldwide distribution in mathematics achievement.

Journal of Development Economics Inbreeding depression and intelligence quotient among North Indian children. Behaviour Genetics Badaruddoza Effect of inbreeding on Wechsler intelligence test scores among North Indian Children.

Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health 16 2 : Analpa Paranjape Which country has the highest IQ? What is the average IQ of your country? Here is the average IQ of more than 80 countries. Richard and Tatu argues that differences in national income are correlated with differences in the average national intelligence quotient IQ. They further argue that differences in average national IQs constitute one important factor, but not the only one, contributing to differences in national wealth and rates of economic growth.

These results are controversial and have caused much debate, they must be interpreted with extreme caution. World ranking of countries by their average IQ. Start the free IQ test now. Rank Country IQ 1. Hong Kong. South Korea. United Kingdom. Czech Republic. United States. Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Sierra Leone. Bosnia and Herzegovina. Costa Rica.

Trinidad and Tobago. The Bahamas. Marshall Islands. Saudi Arabia. Solomon Islands. United Arab Emirates. Papua New Guinea. Dominican Republic. El Salvador. Sri Lanka. Democratic Republic of the Congo.The "normal" range goes from "dull" IQ around 85 to "bright" IQ around IQs of 70 suggest handicap, while IQs of and above predict giftedness. There are large inequalities in average IQ scores between groups.

ByLynn had tabulated IQ studies in different countries. He clustered the countries into the ten genetic groupings identified by L. Cavalli-Sforza et al. The world average IQ had to be calibrated downwards to 90, as shown in the map.

Europeans follow with an IQ of Even a few years ago, news of drastically lower mean IQs for any population group—as low as 70 to 85 in Africa—would have been considered not only an absurdity, but also an injustice. Yet new empirical work continues to show a world IQ average of It continues to show that mean IQs of 70 are found routinely in sub-Saharan Africa and that mean IQs of 70 to 90 are typical of many other regions of the world. IQ scores are valuable, of course, because of their utility in forecasting.

IQ differences between people typically show up by 3 years and remain consistent over the course of life. IQ scores usefully predict the capacity to learn and also to reason logically and flexibly.

What is the average IQ in India?

They can also effectively predict work behavior, child abuse, crime and delinquency, health, accident pronenessand civic responsibility. The Bell Curve documented that IQ scores predict equally well for all groups.

They further show that national IQs correlate well with a number of other social phenomena, such as adult literacy 0. Thus, IQ scores apparently explain why some countries are rich and others poor.

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They also explain why economic prosperity varies from one sub-group to another within countries. Classical anthropology often placed South Asians and North Africans in the same taxonomic group as Europeans and designated them both as Caucasoids.

But modern genetic studies, such as those by L. They can be distinguished from Europeans to their north as well as from sub-Saharan Africans to their south and the other Asian groups to their east. He reviewed 13 studies of immigrants from those countries in the UK and Australia and found a median IQ of Finally, Lynn reviewed 13 studies of select South Asian and North African high school and university students and found a median IQ of 92, eight points higher than that of general population samples.

Lynn's finding of an average South Asian IQ of 85 has been corroborated by Jan te Nijenhuis and colleagues in Holland, who analyzed thousands of respondents including nationally representative samples. They found an IQ of 88 for the second generation, who spoke Dutch and had been educated in the Dutch school system. They published their results in the European Journal of Personality.

Another finding of a low South Asian IQ came from a review of studies on the Gypsies or Roma as they are now often called. This South Asian population migrated to southeastern Europe from northwest India between the 9 th and 14 th centuries and currently number between 4 and 10 million.

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His review was published in the Mankind Quarterly. I too have confirmed the very low IQ for the Roma. This was in a study carried out in and around Belgrade, in Serbia. My colleagues and I individually tested to year-olds over a two-year period in three separate communities using the Raven's Matrices, a widely-used, culture-reduced, non-verbal test of general intelligence, and four other tests usually given to children.

On these tests, we found the Roma averaged at the level of Serbian year-olds. Our study was published in the January issue of Intelligence. I considered the question of whether the South Asian-European group difference is due to the genes or culture. My colleagues and I were able to do this because of the large amount of data available on the Raven's test from twins raised together and apartas well as from high school and university samples of East Asians, Europeans, South Asians, Coloreds, and Blacks in South Africa.

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